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Enjoy Life colloidal gold joint support
Enjoy Life colloidal gold joint support
Enjoy Life colloidal joint support


The Gold Solution®. No longer available from us:
This page gives details of a successful colloidal gold joint health formula, The Gold Solution®. This product is no longer supplied by us. Other quality products we formerly supplied can be found by following the links on the left (under 'Proven Products').

Enjoy Life colloidal gold joint support

Don't let stiff joints keep you down
It is common knowledge that dietary minerals are critical to supporting good health. Of these, renowned research institutions have found that elemental gold is possibly the greatest mineral for supporting healthy joint mobility.

Of course this does not mean you should be eating wedding rings for breakfast. What the body needs is minute quantities in a readily usable state. For this purpose colloidal gold is ideal. A colloidal solution refers to a mineral suspended in a liquid, which makes it very easy for you to take and for your body to use. The Gold Solution® is one of the best colloidal gold products available!

Who should take The Gold Solution®?
  • Those with stiff or uncomfortable joints.
  • Those with decreased joint mobility.
  • Those people with stiff joints.
  • Those who have a family history of joint mobility issues, we recommend use of The Gold Solution® now to help maintain your joint health early.

  • The Gold Solution® is not only for joint mobility. It is also recommended for:
  • Those suffering from sluggish thinking, anxiety, and/or mood swings.
  • Those who want to help managing cravings.
  • Those who wish to enhance their sense of awareness and well-being.

  • Suitable for the whole family
  • The Gold Solution® has no known side effects.
  • To date pure gold (including colloidal gold) has been found to be completely non-toxic.
  • The Gold Solution® is an easy-to-drink dietary supplement with no known interaction with medication. As with everything else, if in doubt please check with your health professional.

  • Two convenient options
    The Gold Solution® was available in 2 different 'sizes':
    - a very versatile 200ml all purpose solution for only $24.15
    - and an economic 500 ml bottle leaves you well prepared for just $48.15
    Neither of these options are available from Enjoy Life any more.

    Enjoy Life colloidal gold joint support

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    Enjoy Life colloidal gold joint support
    Enjoy Life colloidal gold joint support