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Research on OPC and Venous Problems (including vericose veins)


One of the most common manifestations of capillary problems is a series of symptoms resulting from poor circulation in the legs. This complex of symptoms is classified as varicose veins. Amongst these are obviously the varicose veins themselves, which may or may not be visibly deformed.

In addition to these deformations of structure, we find that people complain of functional problems such as pain, swelling, itching, restlessness and cramps, which in many cases can also cause insomnia. All these functional problems are favourably influenced by OPC.

It is very unlikely that the extract will make seriously deformed varicose veins disappear. It can however, decrease the extent to which they occur (which is often the result of accompanying swelling. In the case of surgical removal of varicose veins, OPC is a very useful means to support recovery.1

19802 – Seventy-eight patients with serious venous problems in the legs were tested with 150mg of OPC per day. The researchers described the results as favourable. They provided the following figures:

IMPROVEMENT (including symptom reduction)PATIENTS PERCENTAGE
Very good 22 (28%)
Good 32 (41%)
Average 21 (27%)
No result 3 ( 4%)
Normalised 24 (31%)
Improved considerably 16 (20%)
Improved 22 (28%)
Unchanged 13 (17%)
Raised 3 ( 4%)

19813 – OPC’s effectiveness with regard functional venous problems in legs was tested on patients that didn’t have varicose veins (structural deformations). The group of patients was tested with a placebo and subsequently with another medicine (Diosmine). In both cases it appeared that 150mg of OPC per day reduced the functional problems that can arise during impaired venous backflow. The researchers point out the importance of recognising these functional problems and treating them even before the varicose veins are visible.3

19814 – OPC was again tested on fifty patients with functional disorders (chronic venous insufficiency). Also in this test an OPC medicine (Endotelon) was compared with another medicine (Diosmine). All functional symptoms appeared to have improved after thirty days of 150mg of OPC per day. Both remedies appeared to be effective, but for OPC the research noted a significant advantage in terms of speed and the duration of its effectiveness.4

19855 Venous insufficiency was again tested, this time on ninety-two patients who were administered 300mg of OPC per day. Their functional disorders included “heavy legs”, “itching”, “night-time cramps” and (subjective) oedema. After using OPC for four weeks, the treatment appeared to be successful for 75% of the patients.5

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