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Energy Acquisition: why you eat

GETTING ENERGY: how and why
Your body extracts (takes out) certain parts of the food you eat and converts (changes) it to energy. This conversion (change) of food to create energy is called metabolism. The energy is needed to power your activity – everything you use your body for.

This is the same as your torch / flashlight converting electricity to light and your car converting fuel and electricity to motion or thrust.

USING ENERGY: when you use it
Muscles control most of your body’s activity (movement). Some of these muscles, including your lung and heart muscles, work 24 hours a day. So your body constantly needs energy.

Like your car still uses energy to run the clock even when you are not using the car.

AMOUNTS OF ENERGY: how much you use
How much energy your body needs depends on your activity at the time. The energy you need is different if you are awake or asleep - you need more energy when you are awake. It is also different depending on what you are doing when you are awake. You use less energy watching television, more energy climbing Mt. Taranaki, and huge (big) amounts of energy competing in an Olympic Triathlon.

Just like your car uses much more petrol going uphill than it does going down hill, because uphill requires more activity.

STORING ENERGY: save for later
If you eat more food than your body needs right now, the extra energy is stored as fat to be used later.

A bit like your torch stores energy in the battery and your car stores energy in the battery and fuel (petrol) tank.

NOT ENOUGH ENERGY: what happens
If your eat less food than your body needs right now, your body turns to using the stored energy (fat). If there is no stored fat energy, your body will not stop straight away (like a car would if it ran out of energy). Your body can break down living tissue (other parts of your body) to release energy. It does that to keep you alive, but at the same time it is doing damage perhaps cannot be fixed.

CONCLUSIONS: what we learned
  • Food can be very good for you – you can not live without it! This is because the body changes food to energy, and it needs energy to make important things like the heart and lungs work.
  • Fat (in food or in your body) can be good for you.
  • Taking in (eating) more energy (food) than you use each day results in excess energy being stored as fat.
  • Lack of food together with lack of body fat can be very bad for you.

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