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The minerals humans need are separated into two groups based on the amount we need - “Macro Minerals” and “Trace Minerals”. We cannot generate these minerals ourselves, and must obtain them by ingesting (eating or drinking). Mineral supplements are suggested to many people in order to stay away from the consequences of potential deficiencies.


The minerals that we need in the largest quantities (hundreds of milligrams per day) are called Macro Minerals. This group includes six important minerals listed below. The body will not function properly or at all if any one of the six is missing or deficient.


The minerals required in very small quantities are called Trace Minerals. Although the quantity of these minerals that the body requires is very small, deficiencies lead to disproportionately large consequences. Most common deficiencies are in iron, manganese and zinc. While up to 60 trace minerals have been demonstrated to be necessary to optimum health and well-being1, about 17 are more commonly found to be inadequately represented in our diets (see below).

  • Common food sources -
    Average mineral content of common raw foods

  • Macro Minerals - Chemical and Nutritional details
    Calcium | Chloride | Magnesium | Phosphorous | Potassium | Sodium

  • Trace Minerals - Chemical and Nutritional details
    Boron | Chromium | Cobalt | Copper | Fluoride | Iodine | Iron | Lithium
    Manganese | Molybdenum | Nickel | Selenium | Silicon | Sulfur | Tin
    Vanadium | Zinc

  • Trace Minerals -
    Composition of Omnimin in Nutritech OPC

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    2. Kelly, G. (1997). Sports Nutrition: A Review of Selected Nutritional Supplements For Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes - Alternative Medicine Review - Volume 2, Number 3, May 1997

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